Bill Melton long time member and supporter of CCPSG passed away last night(Saturday Dec 27, 2014) after a long battle with Parkinson Disease. Bill and his wife Dr. CeCe Melton were our across the road neighbors when we lived at Canyon Lake.
When I first met Bill he was ambulatory with the help of a cane. I saw PD wreak havoc on Bill's body and his mind. In a few short years Bill went from being sociable to being a recluse because it was just too hard to get out. I learned... to very valuable lessons from Bill in his fight against PD.
1) Do not ever allow PD to control your social well being. Once you start hiding in your home because of PD, then it is almost impossible to ever get out and be sociable.
2) Do all you can to fight PD from taking over your mind. Learn to do new things and learn to exercise your mind as much as possible.
I will miss you Bill Melton. But I am so very happy that you are at last FREE od Parkinson's strong hold on you. God Bless.
CeCe you know that if there is ever anything I can do for you or that our support group can do for you all you have to do is ask. You have become such a wonderful supporter of our support group and of me personally that I will never be able to THANK YOU. God Bless
Hugs n Love

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I JUST found this. Thank you, Tommy for your hugs, patient ear, love and laughter on Bill's and my behalf. You and Peggy are true friends. God put us together in Canyon Lake for a reason.
I know it was hard to watch Bill's personal journey, but you have risen like a pheonix. Bill's story may inspire in unconventional ways, but he always was unconventional.

Love, CeCe

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